GMR Students Honor Sandra Bengtson’s Big Day in a Big Way!

Mrs.Sandra Bengston turned 80 on last week, so the GMR students at the Middle Rive elementary site helped her celebrate in a big way! Mrs. Bengtson has been a longtime assistant at the Middle River school building, which is not far from where she was born! She was born in a house less than a block away from the school. Her graduating class was the second to graduate in the current gymnasium. Mrs. Bengtson has lived in Middle River all 80 years of her life, and this is where she raised her family. Mrs. Bengtson is still helping students at school! Currently, she works with the Kindergarten class.

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Middle River Student receives MSU Moorhead Scholarship

Madison Wagner has received a $6,000 Dragon Scholarship from Minnesota State University Moorhead. Wagner is the daughter of Shawn and Kara Wagner, Middle River, Minn., and intends to major in business aministration: management. The Dragon Scholarship awards $1,500 for the freshman year and requires a high school class rank in the top 50 percent and a score of 28 or above on the ACT exam. It’s renewable for a maximum of four years with a 3.5 GPA.

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Photo of the Week

Andy Erickson and his daughters, Madyson, left side, and Sydney, right side, have proof of A successful turkey hunt on opening weekend near Garfield, MN. Andy is the son of Virgil and Cathy Erickson and Madyson (7) and Sydney (5 1/2) are their granddaughters. He is an active member in the local turkey federation, and guided young hunters from the Twin Cities on opening weekend.

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Super (left) was playing for the BGMR Gator baseball team and Todd Wensloff (right) was coaching for BGMR. They met again on the baseball field last week when Roseau traveled to Perham. They each wore different shirts this time with Super coaching the Perham Yellowjackets and Wensloff coaching the Roseau Rams, who claimed the victory. And time marches on......

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