Determining the Future

by Barb Geer

Last week, residents of Greenbush and Middle River receiveda letter from Superintendent Tom Jerome and members of the GMR School Board. The letter was also published in the Honker and the Tribune. At the December School Board meeting, the Greenbush Middle River School Board unanimously approved setting up community forum meetings to garner feedback regarding the potential construction of one K-12 school building.

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Trails to Treatments Raises Grant Amount

by Barb Geer

As one of the members of the Trails to Treatments committee, I was very pleased that my Christmas choir chose that organization as their charity for 2014. As the director of the Greater Middle River Community Choir, it was extremely exciting to me to present committee members with checks totaling $3072.05. Other committee members who work just as hard, or harder….are Mardy and Ronnette Anderson, Sue Helm, Shelly Staebler, Marcie Fisher, Shirley Horien and Stacy Bierman. However, there was much more Christmas good news to share. Donations came in the form of Christmas gifts, memorials and other donations, including one from TRF Radio from their Bales of Charity campaign.

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Gators Fall to Frazee at Mahnomen Duals

by Ryan Bergeron

After having to miss duals with DGF and Detroit Lakes due to weather, the Gator wrestling team surely looked forward to getting onto the mat before the weekend. They headed to the annual Mahnomen-Waubun Cougar duals, and came out firing, winning convincingly, 67-6 over Red Lake County Central and 77-0 over Wadena Deer Creek en route to a finals matchup versus section foe, the Frazee Hornets. In matchup of two state ranked teams (Frazee #2 and BGMR #12), the Gators fell to an aggressive Hornets team by a 48-15 to finish second, losing some close matches and giving up many bonus points, including four pins, three with less than one minute remaining. “The boys wrestled hard, but need to work on winning the close matches and preventing bonus points,” said Coach Bergeron, “I know the guys will get back to the room and continue to work hard because they have a lot of pride in our program.”

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Gator Boys Overcome Slow Start to Pick Up Win

by Coach Christian

Scoring only 8 points in the first 13 minutes of the game the BGMR Gators rode their strong defense and a solid second half to earn a 60-39 victory over the Warroad Warriors. For the first 13 minutes of the game the Gators appeared to be running in quick sand as the Gators offensively could not hit the ocean from the beach. Despite the lack of offensive production the Gators were able to keep the game close with some strong defense and managed to take a 22-20 lead into halftime.

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